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i hath telekinesis
omg that's a lot of tv shows???? how do you get the time to watch them?

i don’t hahahhaha

No but, I keep up with the shows and do my school work. If I don’t have time to watch the latest episode, I wait until I have the time. There isn’t much else to say about it, lol.


Landscape by Mr Luke Harby on Flickr.
do you watch tv shows? if you do what do oyu watch?

I do! I watch a lot, which will be apparent on my fandom blog over here. I watch Glee (although it sure sucks nowadays), The Following, Arrow, Hannibal, Elementary, BBC Sherlock, White Collar and Doctor Who. Umm.. I also sort of watch Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, 2 Broke Girls, Orphan Black, The Hour UK, Shameless US and such. I’m hoping for a S2 of Please Like Me. I watched Misfits but S4 was a disappointment. I watched Vikings but haven’t watched the two last episodes yet (omg). Broadchurch was awesome, and I think S2 was confirmed?

Honestly, don’t ask me. Especially after this summer.


Dambatenne Tea Factory by suki127 on Flickr.

Spring in your hands by My . December on Flickr.

Lizard Cornwall by b4be on Flickr.

untitled by salina arredondo on Flickr.

(by Joana Salta)

untitled by joecooke on Flickr.