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hello, for people still following this blog (which is still an unbelieveable big amount of people for having been this long without an update) — this blog is inactive.

please follow eightspectra (a blog much resembling this) or allydikira (a fandom/sjw blog/personal etc)

thank you!


(by pabloyeah)

(By Tom Humphrey)

昭和記念公園 by yuqicoo on Flickr.

(by justina woo)

raspberry currant jam by yossy | apt2bbakingco on Flickr.

woodland by Madeleine Eve on Flickr.

sorry i haven’t been on as much anymore but i have literally moved on to other blogs

currently i have no plans on keeping this blog active. you’ll find my other blogs here*.

there’s one blog that isn’t on that list and i’ve decided to keep it relatively secret because it’s basically my safespace

thus i ask for only intersectionality feminists, queer people (not cis/het), people of colour or otherwise disprivileged people to ask for that blog, as i cannot deal with a lot more hate before i officially quit tumblr and thus lose all the friends i’ve received here as well.

((* the other blogs are not nature blogs exclusively, but fandom blogs, political/sjw blogs, inspiration blogs etc.))

if i ever happen to feel like going on here this blog will be updated but otherwise let’s just say i’ve gotten tired of it


197/365 - Ship in a Bottle by Gunn Point on Flickr.

charlie (by NICOLE-HOGGER)